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Dependable Tax Relief Attorneys in Phoenix and Surrounding Areas

People have all kinds of understandable reasons for failing to file tax returns or pay tax obligations on time, but they inevitably face financial penalties for doing so. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is an agency operated according to procedure, and its assessment of late filing, late payment, and certain other penalties is essentially automatic.

If you have delayed filing returns and know you need to get your tax situation back in order, the time to do that is right now. The financial penalties and other, potentially very serious, consequences will only get worse if you wait any longer.

At Skeens & Anderson, we offer empathetic, professional tax guidance and skilled representation in your best interests.

Applying our many years of experience dealing with the IRS effectively, we have helped many individuals and business owners resolve burdensome, stressful tax problems. This includes taking steps to seek relief from significant penalties such as late filing and late payment penalties faced by taxpayers who, for example, did not know how to handle a unique financial event or had any other reason acceptable to the IRS.

The procedures required to obtain income tax penalty abatement — which may either eliminate or substantially reduce the amount of penalties — are very specific. In many cases, our knowledge of how to complete the proper forms and what to include in a letter to the IRS has led to favorable outcomes. Skeens & Anderson is your law firm in Maricopa County for late tax filing help.

To discuss your unique tax concerns, including possible penalty abatement, in a free consultation with our experienced and knowledgeable attorneys, please contact us online or call our office. Whatever problems you are facing, you can count on being treated with respect and dedication to providing clear, practical counsel.

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